Keeping Bugs Out of the Camper

Enjoy these quick tips for keeping ants and other crawly bugs out of the camper.

It may not be the only way to prevent ant infestations, but it certainly is an excellent first stage preventative measure in the process of keeping your camper bug free.  Other things you can do to keep bugs out include these:

  1. Spray the parts of the camper which contact the ground, with surface spray to prevent crawling insects climbing in from ground areas;
  2. Sweep out food crumbs daily while the camper is in use;
  3. Wash all plates and utensils immediately after use and don’t store dirty items or uncovered food items on the benchtops;
  4. Keep the camper kitchen clean using a “cleaning spray” on all surfaces after use;
  5. Keep doors and screens on Continue reading

Planning For a Great Holiday!

BeachballsOwning a new camper trailer really can be a paradox.  Often it’s just another of those added responsibilities we seem to take on, with our already over stressed lifestyles in a bid to get some free time to relax and enjoy a more simplified existence!

That’s why I suggest buying USED rather than NEW when it comes to camper trailers, campervans, caravans and motorhomes. Like most things new, you loose a large portion of the resale value the moment you Continue reading

Do Your Towing Connections Match?

caravantowingYour “vehicle connections” between your car and the camper or trailer need to be taken seriously to avoid problems that can be easily avoided!

There are many reasons why you need to pay careful attention to the coupling and other towing connections between your car and trailer, non more so than SAFETY! In relation to vehicle connections, the SEVEN MOST IMPORTANT things you need to be aware of and set up for are Continue reading