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Portable Camping BBQ’s are not all the same!

I recently received a question about protable BBQ’s with “hoods”. It’s a common question and I haven’t seen the product in the “flesh” so rather than be too specific, I’ve provided helpful tips you need for most BBQ’s, with a few added comments.

Question:  Have you any reviews on – SUNBEAM INNOVA portable gas BBQ’s also GASMATE 2006 hooded portable gas bbq ? What would you recommend as the best hooded portable BBQ for camping and picnics ?

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Before You Leave for Holidays

Saving time and increasing family safety would have to be at the top of your list when deciding to getaway for a camper holiday. Here’s a brief run down on how you can achieve this and eliminate stress at the same time.

If you’ve read the other articles on this great site, you will by now know that our research shows most people only get to use their camper 4 times in a year. (Stats taken from people who use this site only) I would say this is a good generalisation and reason enough to address one of the biggest time saving tasks you can perform. Continue reading