How to Sell a Camper

For all those considering selling their camper, this is the “secret weapon” you need for selling successfully!

“Sell Your Camper Fast for the Best Price” contains the most valuable information available for anyone considering selling their camper trailer, caravan, motor home or camper van. It’s not just about how to promote your camper, there is a complete run down on the most effective places to advertise and a step-by-step strategy that results in consistently high success rates, with Sellers often achieving prices at or above their full asking price.

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Make no mistake, technology has changed forever the Continue reading

Quality Varies with Jayco Dealers

When purchasing your next camper, it might interest you to know that not all Optional Extras are the same quality.

My last two purchases of used Jayco campers were from Sydney and Newcastle in NSW, and aside from the usual checklist items, there are some differences between the campers originally supplied in these areas compared to the Jayco campers supplied out of South East Queensland, in particular, Brisbane.

I found no difference in the main body of the camper, but when it came to “optional extras” like bag end flys, annexe design & canvas, Continue reading

The Buying Process – Part1

Where to begin!

I’m ready to buy again after selling my last Jayco Camper for a $5,000 profit. That was after 2 years of fun and holidays at some great locations.

My wife and I didn’t do the figures, but I would guess that the sale profit more than paid for every holiday we had with the camper during the time we owned it, and some! How did we make so much on the sale? Without beating my chest about it, I simply followed the principles of the “Camper Purchase Checklist” at the time I bought it. And it worked like a well oiled machine!

Our last camper was a 2008 Jayco Dove Outback that I picked up on Ebay in 2009 for $19,000. A substantial saving on the new price at the time. After factoring the cost of traveling from Queensland to New South Wales (10hrs) to pick it up, it was still a good deal. The camper was also Continue reading

Submit a Camping Article

Great ideas are always better when shared around, so now offers readers the opportunity to submit an article about anything relevant to what others might like to know.

If you have a new idea or an old one for that matter, or a helpful experience, a recipe for camp cooking, opinion on equipment or items that make the experience of camping better, safer, easier, funner, then you can simply submit your article here. Continue reading

The Five Most Important Things a Buyer Should Know

Dont be surprised, but what I’m about to tell you is the primary reason people lose money when they purchase a camper or caravan.

Most people dont have a structured list of items to check when buying high price point items such as a caravan or camper!

Wouldn’t it make sense to at least be able to recognise “value” if you saw a good deal?  Sure, a low price for example might make something appear like a good deal, but is what you are buying, really worth the low price?

So, the following list of 5 most important things a buyer should know can literally extend to cover a wide range of categories like; boats, cars, trucks, houses and so on. It’s just good practice to have a prudent approach when looking to buy, and a detailed checklist should form the key part of your buying strategy. Here are the Five Most Important Things a Buyer Should Know: Continue reading